“Dear Denise, I want to thank you so much for the best 40 days ever. I took your guidance to share more, wanted to contribute more to the community and surely felt I benefited from it. I was very willing to come apart and gained a deeped understanding of myself because of it! My Sunday homily to +- 50 children ages 5-12 at church benefited me as much as them. What a great opportunity to work with young children on how to love themselves and appreciate being a child of God from such a young age. It definitely was in line with my goal of teaching/ coaching others to grow their self belief through greater self reliance. I will continue the quest! So thank you for continuing to exceed my expectations and provide so much guidance in my life. You really have empowered me to improve my life and that of my family in so many ways. Know that I will continue practicing with you wherever you are teaching. With infinite respect and love!” – J.BH

“On behalf of this year’s Women and Leadership campers and staff, I extend a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to talk to the girls while doing yoga with them. The girls really enjoyed their time with you. Not only were they impressed with your muscles and body control but they were empowered by your personality and accomplishments. The girls found you to be interesting and inspiring. They talked about you throughout the week. As you know, young women continue to need positive role models to raise their awareness of the possibilities the future holds and the way in which they can impact the world. Your willingness to share your story and insights were much appreciated. Yoga with you was one of the highlights of the week. I can’t thank you enough.” – Jeanne Crowell, Director: Women and Leadership

“Dear Denise, I was not sure what to expect these two weeks and had no preconceived expectations. Having said that, what I gained is beyond any expectations. Thank you for providing a safe and loving space for me to learn about me. Over the past few days I have had many experiences which resonate with what you taught me and I can’t help but wonder if those kind of things have always happened but I lacked the clarity to see them. I truly feel blessed to have worked with you and look forward to connecting with you again soon. Lots of love and gratitude.” –B

“Dear Beautiful Denise, You continue to inspire me with your most generous loving heart. I am so grateful and filled with joy to have been in your presence this week. You are powerful love with a connective strength to mirror into our hearts. Adoring this courage, gratitude, trust, support, caring, compassion, deep divine love. Thank you thank you love you love you love you! It was the medicine I needed to begin my life again!” -R

“Dear Denise, I love your words in class, they are echoing in my mind. They ripple through my soul, they linger like mist on a chilly lake. Your words are reflective, they keep coming home to linger like old friends. Your words excavate one heart like a plow on fertile soil, breaking the dry hardened brittle earth. Shine bright, Denise. Shine bright Love.” -E

“Dear Denise, I can not thank you enough for helping me to unlock those areas of my life that were preventing me from living a more fulfilling life….” -S.E.

“Denise Bonnaig is the heavyweight champion of Personal and Executive Coaches….” MJ

“My 40-Days Immersion with Denise at Rise Yoga provided me with the best of both worlds:  the power and presence of a dedicated, magical teacher with the warmth and comfort of a beautiful, intimate studio.  It was challenging and uplifting, transforming and grounding.  Denise has a special gift, and she opens her heart to share it with others.  At the end you leave as a stronger, more enlightened person in search of more of the same.”  -Fiona H.

“Our community is growing thanks to Denise’s inspiration and dedication. I am too old for her to be my yoga mother, but I consider her to be my OCEAN OF LOVE, and it grows drop by drop with our sweat. She is the real reason for what Al Gore thinks is Global Warming.” – TB

“2 years ago I came to Denise’s 40 day program with no yoga experience and not knowing what to expect.  I found Denise who has a fantastic presence – just what I was looking for !  Last week I completed my third such program with Denise at Rise Power Yoga in Princeton.  I keep coming back because of how impressed I am with the level of commitment, joy and authenticity she brings to the practice.  Denise’s authenticity is so front and center and so unique that one can’t help but “get real” allowing you to start or continue your own journey of self-discovery.

Denise is a catalyst in assisting her students to rejuvenate their yoga practice and their lives.  She helps us pry open the doors that for one reason or another have been difficult for us to open on our own allowing us to visualize and walk the path we are destined to walk while dropping the non-loving feelings along the way.  I can tell you that in my case, this path is leading me to greater self-confidence, self-discipline and peace of mind.

I am so grateful for everything Denise does to inspire so much positive energy in all of her students.  Four of my family members have had the pleasure of being her students and at home we refer to her affectionately as “Teacher”.  She makes us laugh, she helps us commit to personal growth and she just makes us better!  Namaste Denise.” –Kevin B.

“This was my second 40-day program with Denise, and it was challenging, energizing, insightful, and deeply empowering – both physically and emotionally. While Denise will urge students to “do that which I’ve never done in order that I may learn,” she also has great compassion for the journey. She is a wise, passionate, highly skilled teacher. Expect a super fun, deep, delicious flow practice that somehow twists out whatever isn’t helping in your life, making room for growth. My life and practice are light years ahead of the first one-week program I did with Denise four years ago. Perhaps what I most enjoy about practicing with her is the ease the practice brings, which seems contradictory, given how powerful her teaching and practice is. After focused effort, Grace really does flow. I am much stronger physically after this program (and her others). But, the best benefit is that I feel centered and fully alive.”  –Mary C.
“Special thanks to Denise! You have such a positive and wonderful message that has truly shaped and changed all of our lives for the better. You are incredibly inspiring and I hope that I too can do something as wonderful in my lifetime. You are officially my “Yoga Mother”…….which means I probably have to run out the store and pick up another card before Sunday!” – JT

“I would like to start by saying THANK YOU to Denise Durga Devi (as I fondly call her – or “sweet bitch” works too) … she is the closest person I have met to being my Guru … she loves me unconditionally and I choose to luv her right back just so!!!” – RK

“This 40 days has been so very enjoyable and inspiring. This has been my third workshop w/Denise and this one, in particular, has had the most energy I have felt or seen. Thank you Denise for your wonderful spirit, determination and awesome classes. It has been an experience and I have learned so much about all of you, as well as myself. My favorite quote of Denise’s “enthusiasm through the thighs”!” – ES

“Hi Denise: My deepest gratitude to you. You are wonderful and I have enjoyed the 40 days so much. My sparse feedback is no reflection on how I feel about the program. You are sweet and strong but you have also been vulnerable and real with us, which is so wonderful, inspiring and much appreciated. I know you are giving us so much of yourself and it has been fantastic. I have definitely experienced shifts and I think I have made great strides in living in the present. I also very much appreciate your philosophy on thinking and speaking only about the things that we want in our life. I have actually thought very much about that before but I am putting it into practice more than ever now. Namaste. Love,” – MH

“Denise Bonnaig has been my Yoga instructor for the past year. I’ve been fortunate to take a number of classes with her and recently completed the Baron Baptiste 40 day Yoga Challenge which she led. In short the work Denise does is life altering! She is a true expression of what she teaches. It could not have come at a better time in my life. Denise demands our best but always with love. “you attract only love” and “you are loving and loveable” she says while we contort our bodies and stretch ourselves outwardly and inwardly. Denise puts us through a series of postures with pace and focus. She is one of those special teachers who move yoga way beyond poses and postures. She touches that space before time while standing solidly in this world. She also has great compassion for all students no matter what their level. She will always ask for more but always be loving and respectful. It was easy for me to work my own pace and still be challenged without feeling any pressure from her to do more than I could. After the 40 Day Challenge was over I lost 15lbs and my body was really different. More importantly I felt centered and completely alive. I attribute this to my hard work and Denise’s presence, grace and rigor. I highly recommend her and would be happy to be a reference.” – Dave Laveman

“Denise Bonnaig is one of the most dedicated teachers I’ve ever met. She is not only an extraordinary yoga teacher, but her unwavering desire to help people transform their lives is unparalleled. I participated in her most recent 40 Day program where I learned the value of loving myself on every level: physical, emotional and spiritual. She made me and the group examine our underlying stories and motivations which often derail us in life and was able to translate this process to the mat. I am forever grateful for having her as a teacher, mentor and friend.” – Christine Abrahams, Ed.D.

“I think that Denise, you are an exceptional teacher. As much as your personal goal may be that of detachment from all emotion, I can’t stop feeling the love and caring from your being during practice. I think that you push very hard (us and yourself), and I find that I am pushing myself further as a result…I thank you for your teaching…I have learned so much and had fun as well.” – Ritu K

“I want to tell you how happy I was to attend my first Yoga class with you last Monday! I enjoyed and appreciated it very much. It was not just a yoga movement class but also a very inspirational and empowering journey. I like it. You’re a great instructor, Denise!! Your class taught me to look inside of myself, to appreciate and accept who I am as an individual. And to know my limitation and strive for improvement at my own pace. It was very encouraging to know that everything will be fine if I let go and keep the faith” – Mae C

“I had been frustrated and struggling with my diet and exercise program – I wanted to make a change but wasn’t sure how and what to do. The 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program with Denise came along at just the right time in my life. Incorporating meditation, mindful eating, journaling and a dedicated yoga practice allowed me to assess my current lifestyle and habits and make significant sustainable changes. I have a renewed commitment to my mental and physical health – the journaling and meditation has helped me face stress, disappointment and uncertainty with a positive outlook and the yoga and mindful eating has made me feel better and stronger. The program allowed me to dedicate a significant amount of time to my personal growth and development and convinced me that I was worth it! Denise spent an inordinate amount of time and energy with each and every one of us. I knew that she was as dedicated to my success as I was. Denise also spent a lot of time working with us on how we could make the changes a permanent part of our lives. I am eternally grateful to have participated!” – Janine C

“The 40 Days has deepened my yoga practice and allowed me to do things that I didn’t know I was capable of doing… Denise is such a dedicated teacher! I really appreciated all the time and effort she spent making the experience fun, creative, and authentic. The program really creates a ‘sense of community.’ Now I have a stronger connection with the people I am practicing with!” – Helen T

“I can’t pinpoint exactly what happened, but I do feel that I am more conscious of my life. It made me realize I am so busy living life that I don’t take enough time just to observe it to see where I am. The journaling, meditation, community and movement left me with questions about my work, relationships, how I spend my time, what do I really feel about my life, where it is, and where it is going.I also felt that Denise was a powerful influence on me. She stirred me up, made me deal with whatever I was avoiding and motivated me in many ways. I am really grateful to her.” – Pam R

“Denise you were fabulous! I enjoyed your muscle building wisdom from both the mental/moral support to overcome resistance to be true to self and the physical challenges from an intense strengthening yoga practice. Absolutely loved in! My Favorite words: SQUEEZE THE LOVE JUICE!” – Lisa K

“I used to feel that the ONLY way to lose weight, stay fit and be centered was through my daily running routine. I have found that these power yoga sessions have invigorated and toned me in ways I haven’t felt since my youth. I liken the physical experiences to the many ballet classes I took in high school, college and even in law school. The difference however, is that the 40 Day practice tones my mind, body and my soul. I now find that as I start my work day, my mind is clear, less fretful and I find I am a much better advocate for my clients. I am more logical, less emotional and much more focused which makes my work life very satisfying. My body feels lighter, stronger and more powerful. My seasonal sinus headaches have disappeared and I have more energy, making me less sleepy. (Now I am used to rising at 5 am!). The best is the look on my children’s and husband’s faces when they see me in handstand position! And I finally feel that I am being true to my need for spirituality in my life. Rather than trying to fit myself or my family into a particular church practice I now feel that I am living and modeling true spirituality in my meditation practice and my power yoga practice. By looking inward my whole perspective in life has been flipped (like ‘flipping my dog’!) Instead of feeling like racing away from my grasp (i.e. ‘running towards death’) I honestly feel the unlimited potential that each moment holds. Denise, you are filled with so much love that the touch of your hands massage not only refreshes my sore muscles but my inner being. I feel as if I have been sculpted by a great artist – from the inside out!” – Stephanie B

“Denise’s amazing commitment to this program, to us, and her support for me as I made a transformation through this program is immeasurable. I have known Denise as a friend and student, but as a teacher she really shines. Her inspiration, words of love and peace, and sense of humor made it is very hard to NOT go to class and to NOT follow the program.” – Angela C

“The 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program with Denise Bonnaig has made a tremendous difference in my life. I was not a big fan of yoga to begin with but I thought at the end that I did like it. It was very challenging, emotionally and physically. I learned to really let go things that did bother me and accepted myself, and people around me. I learned to listen to others and tried to avoid making judgments. I lost weight in the process of the 40 days which was good.” – Marie-Jose K

“Dear Denise, I am so grateful for our 40 days together. I am stronger in so many ways. These two books together reminded me of you and I. the “prescription for the soul” for me as a pharmacist “exercises” for the soul for you, of course! These are just a small token of my great appreciation for your time and effort. I am blessed. Peace and love,” – Debbie

“As a 12 year actively fighting cancer survivor, I had just spent the last 6-8 months in and out of the hospital from complications treating a tumor that just wouldn’t go away. So I was about to throw that mass produced invitation in the garbage when I noticed a handwritten note on the corner.’Janet, I really hope you will join me in this life changing experience…’ So I signed up, not knowing anything about it and not knowing how strenuous it would be… She guided me into developing muscles that had atrophied over the years and then develop some I never had… I’m physically too active to ever think I could meditate but I can, I can!!! I can sit quietly and just concentrate on being, sometimes chanting and breathing. It helps me to love my family, friends, clients and casual contacts on a deeper level. I can forgive and understand them and try to imagine what their lives are like. It makes me like myself better – I am filled with joy when I think about someone’s utterly inexplicable behavior and understand and love them. I love others and I love myself – not an easy thing in the past. Denise has taught me so many things. To believe, to send my heart to the heavens, to take risks, to trust that everything will be okay, to be utterly honest and drop the masks, to use every bit of my will and body for something besides fighting cancer. Her greatest gift was helping me in my relationship with my tumor. We don’t fight anymore – we both want to live so badly so we’ve agreed not to kill each other but to live together. My hated, hated tumors are now my friends! It’s a new and stormy relationship but a much happier one. So Denise is my idol. I keep trying to talk myself out of it but now I know I should embrace it, revel in it and just be there for it. How many times do you get to totally love someone? Not many.” – Janet L