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As an experienced coach, I help my coachees effect deep and lasting changes in their lives. This is because I have at one time or another successfully handled or resolved the same problems in my career and personal life that my coachees have experienced or are experiencing.

Significantly, coaching is not therapy. However, it can be a wonderful supplement to therapy for those who are under the care of a therapist. My role as a coach is not to listen to what my coachee has to say and then feel sorry for him or her. A coach that helps you transform your life for the better does not serve as a therapist. I will help you discover how to solve your problems with your own eyes, your own feelings, your own actions. I have learned that in coaching, advice is useless. It is up to you to give me, your coach, permission to share my resources with you. It is not my role to intrude with my vision but rather to focus on your agenda and lead you to your full potential.

Coaching is about facilitating positive changes in your life. My coaching style is to help you move forward, not serve as a crutch. I’m an “achieve results through love” coach. The good in everything comes down to love; when we say God, good, love, happiness, freedom, those are all the same words. Through the answers to my questions and what you say or don’t say – and through you granting me the permission to do so – I will show you that happiness is an inside job and within you and you can bring it out, with love. Results come from letting go of the past to clear the blocks to love. My intention is to bring you to a place where you no longer allow anything and anyone to bother you.

With my help, you will see the light behind the clouds and realize that you always have had that radiance within you.

I’ve never encountered a coachee, who didn’t get benefit from the experience.

Let’s get started, so I can help you make lasting changes in your life.