My name is Denise Bonnaig, I am the founder of Authentique Coaching.

Spirituality and Strategy, the tenets of Authentique Coaching’s approach to Life Coaching, yield extraordinary results. Authentique Life Coaching is based on action coaching and reflections.  Our focus is on a self-discovery process that helps clients find permanent solutions to recurring life issues or problems.

This approach is informed by extensive reading and research into the great works of Socrates, Aristotle, William James, W. C. Howell that address the uniqueness of every human’s experiences, combined with my knowledge of Eastern philosophy acquired as a yoga instructor. This approach works for open-minded individuals who are ready to explore unconventional tools to attain work place/life balance, and personal growth.

The techniques or tools used in this approach are simple and easily understandable to every single human being who is willing to stop the self sabotaging voice within. Simply put, Authentique Coaching’s approach invites clients to look within their hearts and souls and intuition to transform all areas of their lives for the better, and live a more fulfilled life.

The developments in technology, the invention and discoveries in various fields have brought much comfort to our existence and stretched our imagination beyond what any of us could have imagined yet these breakthroughs have not alleviated human suffering or distress.  In fact the hectic pace of our lives today, the uncertainty of our situation economical, spiritual, are leading to a existential crisis that manifest itself in all sorts of way—anger, loneliness, etc…  People are seeking ways to alleviate this suffering, this knot they feel in their stomach.

I firmly believe that life coaching has a tremendous role to play in helping people navigate or face the circumstances of their existence.  I particularly believe that Authentique Coaching is well positioned to bring clients the tools they need to lead a fulfilling existence because we address both the spiritual—addressing that perennial question of who they are and what is their life purpose, while giving them concrete tools to apply daily to quiet the voice of doubt and create that which they desire.

My use of tools from neuroscience, psychology, philosophy (Buddhist and western), my experience as trial lawyer, my experience as a practicing yogi and as a yoga teacher, my life experience as someone who has experienced illness, death and has raised three successful young black men two of whom are medical doctors against all odds puts me in a position to help my clients beyond their dreams.

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