“People are so skillful in their ignorance.”
-Paramahamsa Yogananda

I have not blogged for some time on Authentique Coaching, though I have been present in interacting with many of you, through coaching, yoga, and the practice of law.

I continue to produce and run workshops, weekly immersions, and teacher training certification programs through Princeton Power Yoga, while coaching individuals who seek to transform all areas of their lives for the better, and live a more fulfilled life.

Once a year, I continue to attend the silent Vipassana meditation retreats, and just completed my seventh sit. This is a lever like no other, that adds tremendous value to the work I do. So, to me, silent sits are an ironclad commitment- an investment that yields concrete results.

There is something in particular, I keep noticing as a Personal, Life, and Executive Coach, which is that there is a tendency to be ignorant, which all of us have in common, no matter how bright and talented we are.

Your first question may be, how can a bright and talented person be ignorant? I did not say “lack knowledge.” I said “ignorant,” meaning not knowing that there is a way out of their suffering.

That was my biggest take-away from Vipassana this year, and I am determined to help others remove ignorance from their lives, and replace it with joy, peace, and equanimity.
If I can give you the gift of knowing how to eradicate ignorance, I would feel like a large part of my life’s mission is accomplished.

The process is simple. It certainly is not easy. All it takes is commitment. You all know commitment- you have acquired advanced degrees, raised children, started foundations, and run marathons.

You’re totally capable of doing what’s simple, even if it’s not easy.

The first step is acknowledging that you’re suffering and don’t know your way out of it.
The second step is deciding that you want to find your way out of it.

The third step is determining that you will use your mind and your matter (your physical body) to go beyond mind and matter.

I will be doing a deep dive into each step and integrating my FUGT coaching model, into each step. You will become unstoppable, I promise.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to read (if you haven’t already) the blogs below, about the beginning of my journey in moving out of ignorance.

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